TED Conference

The first conference was held as a single event in 1984, but held annually since 1990. The aim of the conference is to give people a platform where they can convince others of their opinions or new ideas – hence the foundation’s motto: ideas worth spreading . The early conferences, which only took place in the United States, focused on technology and design, but as the increased popularity of the lectures, the range of topics also increased and today represent nearly all aspects of science and culture. Known TED speakers in the past included Bill Clinton , Al Gore , Gordon Brown , Richard Dawkins , Bill Gates , the founders of Google and several Nobel laureates . Videos of almost all lectures are available on the foundation’s website and other sites for the general public.

From 2005 to 2009 the Foundation every year three prizes for winners donated for the purpose of their “wish to change the world” to help realize. Since 2010 selected only one winner, in an effort to ensure that the chosen “hope” a reality. The winner’s wish to be announced at the annual conference head, in a speech that no more than 18 minutes should not last.

The content of the lectures are so presented that it is accessible to the layman; the lectures are not intended to convey merely theoretical knowledge, but also to foster understanding and awareness.

Who started TED talks?

And, In November 2001, Anderson’s non-profit The Sapling Foundation (motto: “fostering the spread of great ideas.”) acquired TED from Future for £4m. In February 2002, Anderson gave a TEDTalk in which he explained his vision of the conference and his future role of curator. Wurman left after the 2002 conference.

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How much does it cost to go to Ted?

Everyone who pays to attend TED knows they are supporting all the free work we do — which is why (you might not know this) a good chunk of the fee to attend is tax-deductible. For example, a standard pass to TED2015 costs $8,500, and of that cost, $6,000 is a donation to the foundation that owns TED.

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